How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Your Mobile Home

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Your Mobile Home

A mobile home presents a number of unique challenges to receiving adequate cell phone service. The types of building materials used in construction and the location of the home can significantly impact the quality of service that you receive. Fortunately, a cell phone signal booster is designed to solve both of these problems and provide you with better service in your mobile home.

Causes of Poor Signal in Mobile Homes

There are typically two causes of poor service in mobile homes: distance from the closest cell tower and the materials that the mobile home is made of. We’ll explore each in more depth.

1. Distance from the Closest Cell Tower

Mobile home parks are typically situated in more rural areas, which often means that the closest cell tower is a good distance away from the home. This can result in a weak signal outside of the mobile home and very weak to nonexistent inside. Additionally, rugged geography, such as hills and mountains, in between the tower and your mobile home can also significantly affect the signal strength you receive.

2. Construction Materials

The materials used in the construction of a mobile home vary significantly. Older mobile homes routinely used forms of sheet metal to line the outsides while new mobile homes incorporate energy saving materials, such as window tinting and new forms of insulation, all of which can cause significant problems for cell phone signal to penetrate.

The Solution

A cell phone signal booster is designed to solve both of the problems previously outlined. In order to counter a weak outside signal, a signal booster uses an amplifier to take a weak signal and make it much stronger. A signal booster is also able to bypass construction materials that make up the outside of the mobile home by using an outside antenna to send & receive cell signals and using a low-loss cable to pass those back and forth to the inside of the mobile home.

Selecting the Right Mobile Home Signal Booster for Your Situation

The outside signal strength and the size of the area that needs to be covered inside of the mobile home will determine which booster kit is going to be best. Here are the best options for each situation:

1. Single Wide Mobile Home with Medium to Strong Outside Signal

The Dual Band Mobile Signal Booster is the ideal solution for a situation where you have a good signal outside of the home, but do not have adequate signal inside. The booster itself is very easy to setup and it will automatically adjust to cover the largest area possible inside, so you get the best possible coverage.

2. Single Wide Mobile Home with Weak Outside Signal

The Triband Mobile Signal Booster is the best solution for your single wide mobile home when you have a weak existing outside signal. The Flare 3.0 kit can take that weak outside signal, boost it up, and cover most, if not all, of the inside of the mobile home with boosted signal.

3. Double Wide Mobile Home with Medium to Strong Outside Signal

The Oxywave Mobile Signal Booster is also the best solution for a double wide mobile home that has a medium to strong existing outside signal. The Connect 4G can take the good outside signal, route it past the construction materials of the outside of the mobile home, and then boost it up to cover the inside with good cell signal.

4. Double Wide Mobile Home with Weak Outside Signal

The Lintratek Mobile Signal Booster with a yagi directional outside antenna and a panel inside antenna is the best solution for a double wide mobile home with a weak outside signal. It features the strongest boosting and best cabling that any of our kits offer, so it can take that weak existing outside signal and boost it enough to cover the inside of the mobile home with good cell phone signal.

A cell phone signal booster (also known as amplifier or repeater) is made up of three main elements – exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception. We will explain how it helps improve cellphone signal strength, and show types of mobile amplifiers available so you can make an informed decision.



Signal boosters amplify mobile network signals giving your mobile phone a better signal strength to make clearer calls with reduced noise and distortion. Modern signal boosters minimize technical noise in voice calls giving you a clearer and improved voice over the phone.


Signal boosters are small in size and can be mounted on your car or caravan. Feel the ultimate confidence of being in constant connection with the outer world as you travel to the farthest and most remote locations. Install it at home or in your office. Most mobile phone signal boosters also support simultaneous multiple calls. Receive every important call without an issue. Here are you can about the best cell phone signal boosters.


Connect to the internet from where you are and enjoy a stable and uninterrupted connection. You can experience a problematic mobile broadband internet experience due to various reasons. Sometimes, even when you are living in a highly crowded urban setting you can experience the slow internet. Large buildings with thick concrete walls can stand as barriers to network signals. As a result, mobile signals are available in lower strengths in large housing complexes and flats. Installing a signal booster can alleviate the problem effectively.


A signal booster can be installed yourself without expert support. It consists of mainly two components. The antenna receives mobile network signals and transmits it to the amplifier. Amplifier improves the signal strength and retransmits it. Mobile phones and other devices can receive amplified signals in the operational area.


Signal phone boosters are available in various models for your exact requirement at different prices. GSM signal boosters are relatively cheaper than 3G and 4G signal boosters. You can select and purchase the suitable booster according to your need.